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Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions with Great Lenghts.

If used properly and fitted professionally, Hair Extensions may significantly change the way you look and give you the hair you have always dreamed of in no time. Our objective is to provide our very experienced Hair Extension Stylists the best possible range of tools to offer you the best result possible.

Great Lengths have become a sign of our times, women have started preferring non-aggressive technical solutions and natural products.

In this context, Great Lengths has also been one step ahead from the start. Their technique of attaching their extension strands to the client´s own hair is a non-compromising technique. It goes without saying that they only use 100% natural human hair of the highest quality. They have established themselves on the worldwide market within only a few years.

Their bonding system uses an extremely high-tech method of bonding the extension to the natural hair. The extensions themselves are already pre -bonded with Keratin so that there are no un-natural ingredients used, unlike in other brands. With this system, your own hair is not damaged.

A consultation must be booked with one of our stylists as every single extension service is different. We will ask a series of questions including why you want them, whether you play sports and other questions about your lifestyle which may affect the extensions we fit. We will also need to do a colour match before we can quote you for your extensions.

Great Lengths Extensions generally take 48 hours between ordering and arriving at the salon.