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Bouncing back into fashion.

The word 'perm' tends to conjure nightmares of frizzy Eighties misery, creepy contraptions and pungent concoctions. It harks back to a time when hair suffered like hell only to come out looking like you've been electrocuted. But perms are bouncing back into fashion, and with advanced techniques and procedures they can give you lusciously loose curls that make you look more like a sultry sex-kitten than a poodle in a spin-dryer.

Perms are now gentler and safer than ever, and are supported by a range of hair-care products that will keep your perm looking salon fresh and frizz free, and any hair-type can be transformed. On fine, flat hair, a perm can add volume and texture for a revitalising lift. Coarse, out-of-control hair can be smoothed and textured for a softer look. Even naturally curly hair can reap the benefits if you need to tame those uneven, rebellious locks. A perm offers versatility in styling so whether you want loose, natural tresses or a sophisticated swept-back look, you can change the way you wear your curls to suit any occasion. A good perm can create illusions of texture and length, and can also complement your features.

The condition of your hair will affect the outcome, so before even contemplating a perm your hair must be in top shape. If your hair is dry, damaged or brittle the results may be disastrous. As with all permanent hair procedures, it is best to leave it in the hands of the professionals. New techniques provide the flexibility for our stylists to give you exactly the kind of curls you want, so talk to them and explain what you have in mind before taking the plunge.

Using the right after-care products will help make your perm a great investment and we offer a wide range of shampoos and conditioners specially formulated for permed hair. To keep your perm looking great get your hair trimmed regularly; this will prolong the life of your perm and also make it easier to style. So whether you want wild, bouncing curls, soft, loose waves or just more body for your hair it's time to welcome the rebirth of the perm and lay to rest those old stereotypes.